Gibson Cream 1950's Les Paul Pickguard

Gibson cream plastic pickguard that is a vintage-correct part for Les Paul Standards made between 1957-60. The plastic shows striations on the back of the guard and there are router marks on the outside edges of the guard and between the pickups. The edges inside the pickup routs shows filing marks. This was likely a P-90 guard that was modified to fit humbuckers. Gibson could have done this in the factory, as they sometimes adapted P-90 pickguards for humbuckers in early models. Somebody could have done this as an aftermarket modification. There is no way to know.

This guard was found on a 1972 Les Paul Deluxe that was converted to full-sized humbuckers in the 1990's.

The guard does not come with the mounting bracket and screws.

This guard is in good condition. There are several scratches on the face, and there is wear near the bridge pickup- it could be from picking or from somebody's hand resting on the guard.

Cream 1950's pickguards have become very rare and there is one other on the market for $15,000. This one will cost you less than half.


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